Dry Mouth Causes and Solutions

By on June 30th, 2019

Everyone occasionally experiences the parched feeling of dry mouth; it is more common in stressful circumstances such as speaking in front of a large crowd. But for some people, dry mouth is not an infrequent nuisance — it is a persistent problem that causes discomfort and affects oral and overall health. Chronic dry mouth can make it difficult to chew, speak or swallow; it can also cause sore throats and change appetite and sense of taste.

Take a moment to learn more about the causes of and solutions to dry mouth, explained by Anchorage dentist Joshua Kennedy, DMD.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction vs. Smile Makeover

By on May 30th, 2019

Many dental patients are unaware of the difference between a full mouth reconstruction and a smile makeover. Both address multiple issues with the teeth (and sometimes gums), involve a customized combination of dental procedures and may require several dental appointments to complete.

The simplest way to describe the difference between the treatments is that full mouth reconstruction is something you need in order to restore dental health and function, whereas a smile makeover is something you want to do for cosmetic reasons.

Read on as Dr. Kennedy of Turnagain Dental delves deeper into the differences between the two.

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Unique Advantages of Dental Implants

By on April 30th, 2019

If you have lost one or more teeth or are facing tooth extraction due to damage or disease, you have several replacement options. Dr. Kennedy of Turnagain Dental recommends you carefully consider your choices and weigh the pros and cons of each. Dental implants offer some special advantages above and beyond what other tooth replacements offer. Here, Dr. Kennedy reveals some of these unique advantages.

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The Benefits of Professional Tooth Whitening

By on March 31st, 2019

While it’s possible to buy teeth whitening products from the store and apply them yourself, professional tooth whitening treatment from your dentist offers benefits that store-bought products simply can’t provide. Read on as the cosmetic dentistry team at Turnagain Dental explains the benefits of professional tooth whitening as well as who can benefit.

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Can You Put a Knocked-Out Tooth Back in the Mouth?

By on February 28th, 2019

A knocked-out permanent tooth is one of the few real emergency situations in dentistry. Knocking a tooth out may seem like a traumatic event, but the truth is that it happens all the time among active people of all ages. When a tooth is knocked out, the damaged nerves and blood vessels cannot be saved, but the bone and tissues that normally cover the root can be reattached.

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Signs You Could Benefit from Porcelain Veneers

By on January 30th, 2019

Your smile is often the first impression people have of you. The team at Turnagain Dental are here to help you look and feel your best! If you have cosmetic problems like misshapen teeth, chipped, cracked or crooked teeth, gaps, stains or eroded enamel, porcelain veneers may be the solution to improve your smile!

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Examples of Dental Emergencies

By on September 1st, 2016

In spite of our best efforts, sometimes dental emergencies happen. When they do happen, they can be worrisome. There can also be a question of what exactly constitutes a dental emergency.  People are not always sure if they should wait to see the dentist during normal business hours, or if they should call immediately, regardless of the time of day. Let’s talk about examples of dental emergencies, and if you should wait to see the dentist—or if you should do an online search of the term emergency dentist Anchorage, AK.

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Finding the Right Dentist in Anchorage, AK

By on August 25th, 2016

If you are in the middle of finding the right dentist, there are a number of factors you will want to keep in mind before making your decision. You want to find a dentist who will partner with you in maintaining your oral health for many years to come. You want to find a dentist will be a solid part of your overall wellness “team.” What kinds of things should you consider when you are looking for the right dentist in Anchorage, AK?

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How to Prepare for Dental Implants

By on July 31st, 2016

Missing one or more teeth can cause a whole host of problems, including problems with eating and drinking. Missing teeth can also lead to more missing teeth if you don’t get the problem fixed sooner rather than later.

If you have looked into getting your missing teeth replaced, you probably know that a bridge, dentures, or dental implants are among your options. You may also know that dental implants are usually considered to be the best replacement because they look and function most like your natural teeth, and they are long-lasting without the needed repairs and adjustments that go along with dentures.

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The Dental Implant Process

By on July 20th, 2016

Missing teeth are problematic for a number of reasons. If you are missing teeth, you might be feeling self-conscious about your smile. If you are missing teeth, you might have trouble eating and chewing properly. In addition, when you are missing one tooth, this can often lead to more missing teeth.

Most people are aware that a dental bridge or dentures are an option, and both of these will work to give you back most of the function of your missing teeth. However, when considering the long-term, you may want to consider dental implants.

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