Finding the Right Dentist in Anchorage, AK

medium_finding-the-right-dentist-in-anchorage-akIf you are in the middle of finding the right dentist, there are a number of factors you will want to keep in mind before making your decision. You want to find a dentist who will partner with you in maintaining your oral health for many years to come. You want to find a dentist will be a solid part of your overall wellness “team.” What kinds of things should you consider when you are looking for the right dentist in Anchorage, AK?

The First Step: Ask Others for Recommendations

You can do an online search for a dentist and have plenty of options pop up, but why not start with asking trusted family and friends if they would recommend their own dentist? This way, you’ll gain first-hand knowledge of the type of doctor and the type of practice you might be dealing with. You can also reach out to your pharmacist or doctor and ask for recommendations.

The Next Step: Ask Questions to Narrow Your Options

You have a list of recommended dentists, so now you’ll want to find out the following to assess which might be the best dentist for you and your family:

  • Is the office in a convenient location with convenient hours? If not, this will make it tough for you to actually see your dentist. A location close to home or work makes the most sense.
  • Does the dentist submit insurance claims to all providers?
  • What payment options do they offer?

Finally: Find Out About the Facility and Doctors

You’ve got the logistics down about your potential new dentist, but what about the rest of it?

  • How does the dentist make patients feel more comfortable in the dentist chair? Do they offer sedation?
  • Is the office clean and comfortable?
  • What kind of technology is available?
  • Are emergency hours available for patients who have a dental emergency?
  • Are the doctors open and up front about treatment plans and cost estimates?

Choosing a dentist in Anchorage, AK, doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. If you are looking for a new dentist, we invite you to give us a call!

Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrushes

medium_electric-vs-manual-toothbrushesWe can all agree that brushing your teeth several times daily is vital for your at-home oral care routine. But with so many options available today for toothbrushes, it can be hard to decide which brush is right for you and your family. Both electric and manual toothbrushes offer benefits, so getting all the information about each of these tools is the best way to decide what will be best for you, and of course your dentist can help you make the decision as well!

Manual Toothbrushes

Manual brushes are of course the option we are all familiar with. One of the benefits of a manual brush is the wide array of options you have. You can choose softer bristles if you have more sensitive gums, a smaller brush head if you have a smaller mouth, and many different handle options for your comfort. Traditional brushes are easy to travel with since you don’t have to worry about a charger or batteries along the way. Another huge benefit of this option is that it’s cheaper, and if you’re keeping up with your regular dental cleanings, you probably get brushes for free each time you visit.

The major cons of a manual brush are that it is more work, since you don’t have the motor to move the brush for you, and that there is not a timing option. Electric brushes often simply turn off automatically once you’ve brushed for the recommended amount of time.

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are very easy to use. You can simply hold the brush, and push the button, and let the brush do the rest of the work for you. Since they often include a timed feature, you can be sure that you are brushing for the right amount of time, every time. Many studies have also found that electric brushes actually tend to clean teeth better than manual brushes, making it a more effective option for many people. Since oral health is so vital to your overall health, ensuring that you get a great clean everyday with brushing is very important.

On the con side, electric brushes are much more expensive, both with the initial investment, and for replacement brush heads. You also have to be sure that you always keep your electric brush charged, or keep batteries around to ensure that it works properly. This option can often be breakable as well, so it’s important to be careful not to drop your brush on the floor.

Dentist Anchorage AK

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule your cleaning with our dentist, give us a call today for more information! We look forward to helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted, and to helping you stay healthy!

Dental Care Misconceptions

medium_dental-care-misconceptionsMost people don’t enjoy visiting the dentist, we get it. But keeping up with your oral care habits is more important than you might think, and letting those dental appointments and at home care fall behind is a big deal. Here’s some of the most common misconceptions about dental care:

Flossing isn’t as important: It’s very common for people to leave flossing out of their daily oral care routine, even though dentists have pushed it for probably your entire life. Flossing takes a little more time, but it cleans your teeth in a way that brushing simply can’t do. By removing the food particles between your teeth, you’ll be able to better prevent plaque buildup and decay over time.

Gum disease is rare: Gum disease is something that we all need to worry about. It can occur even in patients who practice good at home care techniques, and preventing the condition means visiting your dentist regularly. If gum disease starts to form in your mouth, your dentist will be able to treat it before it worsens if you keep up with those six-month checkups. Gum disease is linked to many health conditions, and treatments can become expensive if you don’t catch it quickly.

Oral health and overall health: When you think about your teeth and gums, it’s common to think that oral health only affects oral health. However in reality, oral health has been linked to many more serious health conditions including heart disease, pregnancy complications, dementia, respiratory diseases, and more. It’s worth any time you need to put in for your oral heath to reduce your risk of any of these conditions down the road.

No pain, no problems: Many patients don’t visit the dentist regularly simply because they don’t have any oral pain, so they think everything must be fine. However, many oral health issues can occur without any pain, and will worsen if they are not treated in a timely manner. For example, cavities are often not going to cause any pain, but if left untreated, the decay will worsen and can become a root canal. Not only is the treatment much more expensive, but the condition CAN then become painful, and it can be completely avoided with quick treatment.

Visiting the dentist is more important than you might think, and working with a great dentist can make the whole experience much easier.

Dentist Anchorage AK

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment with our dentist, contact us today for more information! We look forward to helping you keep a healthy mouth!

The Worst Foods for Oral Health

medium_the-worst-foods-for-oral-healthYou probably already know that food and drink can affect your oral health, both positively and negatively. Prevention is the best way to keep a healthy smile, and that includes your diet! Here’s some of the worst foods and drinks that can cause dental issues:

Hard and Chewy Candy: Hard candies or dense, chewy candies are particular bad for your teeth as they can easily break a tooth or pull out a filling. Candy also has such a high sugar content that you’re likely to increase your risk or decay over time if you eat it regularly.

Ice: Many people have a habit of chewing on ice. This can break down your enamel and potential cause a dental emergency if the ice cracks a tooth.

Coffee: Coffee can stain your teeth, and if you drink sweetened versions you’re also increasing your risk of tooth decay from the sugar exposure. Since this is a common habit for patients, we recommend drinking plenty of water in addition to any coffee to help prevent staining.

Citrus: While citrus can be healthy for your body, over-eating citrusy foods can be detrimental to your teeth. Citrus wears away your tooth enamel, so it’s best to limit your intake.

Soda: Another popular drink, soda is widely known to increase tooth decay. With so much added sugar to these drinks, your teeth will decay much more quickly if you drink soda normally. Your best option is to switch to water!

While many food and drink items affect oral health negatively, making the switches away from these items can help you improve your oral health drastically. Your dentist can always answer any questions about specific items that you have concerns about, and preventative care is the best way to avoid big dental issues in the future.

Dentist Anchorage AK

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment for a cleaning, contact our office today to get started! Our team is always happy to answer any questions that you may have, and we can’t wait to help you get the smile and healthy mouth that you’ve always wanted! Our number one priority is to ensure that you and your family have healthy, strong teeth.

Financial Considerations When Choosing a Dentist

medium_financial-considerations-when-choosing-a-dentistGoing to the dentist can already be an overwhelming experience for some people, and wondering how to pay for it can make it worse. The financial aspect of your dental care, from what your insurance covers to what to do if you don’t have insurance, can be confusing. At Turnagain Dental we will do our best to walk our patients in the Anchorage, AK area through their options before their treatment.

Financial Considerations when Choosing a Dentist

Do they take insurance – Most dental offices take insurance but there are many that only take specific types of insurance, accept only certain insurance providers, or have procedures that aren’t covered. This is why it is important when you are searching for a dentist that you ask them if they accept your insurance and what treatments are covered under your plan.

Do they accept payments – For those without insurance, it can be difficult to pay for your dental needs. It may be beneficial for you to find a dental practice that will offer you a payment plan to make paying for your dental services a little easier.

Do they offer financing – Whether you don’t have insurance, or the procedure you want isn’t covered, Care Credit can help you finance your dental care. Care Credit is a credit line that will pay for your dental treatment and can be paid back over a certain amount of time. Most of the time, you can get this financing with little to no interest, keeping your monthly payments manageable.

Do they work with you – It is important to find a dental office that will go over all of your options when it comes to your dental care so you can choose one that will work for you financially. We will explain all the available treatments and their costs with you so you can be informed and comfortable prior to the procedure.

Dental Care on Your Budget

Most dental concerns can be treated different ways, making it easier to find an option you can afford. If you would like more information on the insurances we offer and what is covered, or about financing options, please contact our office.

Everyday Food That Wears Down Your Oral Health

medium_everyday-food-that-wears-down-your-oral-healthOur teeth are made to last a lifetime, yet there are many reasons why our oral health can begin to decline. One of the main contributors to the wearing down of our teeth are the foods and drinks we consume on a regular basis. While it is best to avoid most of these products, a few can be eaten in moderation and there are certain ways to keep them from causing harm to your teeth. Oral health starts at home, which is why Dr. David Green and his team at Turnagain Dental focus on preventative care.

Foods to Avoid for Better Oral Health

Soda and sports drinks – Everyone knows that most sodas are full of sugar, but so are most of the sports drinks we are told are good for us. Drinking these products regularly can be causing major damage to your teeth. When the sugar mixes with acid and bacteria in your mouth it creates plaque, which, if not removed daily can start to eat away at the enamel of your teeth. If you are going to consume these products, it is best to use a straw so they have less contact with your teeth.

Citrus – Many citrusy fruits are delicious, and seem like a healthy option, yet they contain two of the three things needed to produce tooth decaying plaque: acid and sugar. The juice forms of these fruits such as orange and grapefruit juice are even worse since most have even more added sugar. If you are going to eat citrus fruits, brush your teeth right after and drink lots of water to keep the sugar and acid from sticking to your teeth.

Ice – It is best to avoid chewing on anything hard, but chewing ice is common and extremely bad for your teeth. Prolonged chewing of ice can cause teeth to crack or chip, making you more prone to tooth decay and wearing down your smile.

Wine and coffee – Most people know that wine and coffee love to stain and discolor our smiles, yet they can be harmful in other ways as well. Wine is also acidic and can cause damage to your enamel. Coffee doesn’t do much harm besides staining if you drink it black, but when sugar is added, it can also have some negative effect on the health of your teeth as well.

Poor Diet and Your Smile

Even with good oral hygiene, a poor diet can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. It can be difficult to determine which foods and drinks are the worst for your oral health, but your dentist can help you know which are the most harmful. If you live in the Anchorage, AK area and would like more information on what foods to avoid, please contact our office today!