Sports Dentistry in Anchorage, AK

stock-19Athletics is one of the leading causes of dental emergencies. You don’t want to see your child injured or suffer from injury yourself. Oral injuries during sports and activities are never expected, but they are common, and can result in discomfort and expensive dental treatment.

Why Not Boil and Bite?

Why should you see your dental professional for a mouthguard when there are one-size or boil and bite mouthguards available at the supermarket?

When a mouthguard is not custom-made by a dental professional, it can cause unpleasant side effects. Standard mouthguards tend to push the jaw forward, causing painful headaches, bite problems, and TMJ disorder. A jawbone misalignment can also lead to spine misalignment, which will in turn affect your strength, balance, and athletic abilities. One-size-fits-all or boil and bite mouthguards are never worth this kind of risk!

While some patients claim that store bought mouthguards suit their needs, custom-made high quality mouth guards are always the safer and more comfortable choice.

Play Harder with Customized Sports Mouthguards

59Here at Turnagain Dental, Dr. Green and his staff understand the relationship between a great mouthguard and increased athletic performance. Our specialized mouthguards hold the jaw securely in the most natural position, allowing the muscles in your face and neck to relax. This relaxed position and correct bite results in the flawless alignment and function of the entire upper body.

When your body is well positioned and protected, you can play to your best ability. Many patients claim that they experience increased upper body strength and greater flexibility and balance when they wear a professional mouthguard.

Most importantly, you will never have to worry about knocking out a tooth or damaging dental work when you wear a mouthguard. Our sports mouthguards protect the teeth, jawbone, lips, cheeks, gums, and tongue.

An athlete is 60 times more likely to experience a dental emergency when they are not wearing a mouthguard. Protect yourself from pain and dental work by asking Dr. Green about sports dentistry. Give us a call at Turnagain Dental today to schedule your consultation!