Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to our teeth, we all want a perfect, even, and bright smile to proudly show to the world, but sometimes achieving that red carpet smile requires a little help. At Turnagain Dental, Anchorage dentist Dr. Dominic Wenzell offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services so that we can provide the tools to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

See Your New Smile Before You Start

At Turnagain Dental, we like our patients to know what to expect from their cosmetic treatments, so we will often take impressions before beginning any cosmetic dental procedure. These impressions can be used to make a wax-up, or wax model of what the finished result of your treatment will look like at completion.

Bonding and Veneers

Hollywood is famous for having perfect, bright smiles to flash to the cameras, but most people aren't born with beautiful, white, even teeth. The secret to their alluring smiles in many cases is porcelain veneers, and with our veneers we can give you a smile that will rival any of your favorite celebrities.

Veneers are thin shells, usually made of porcelain, that are fitted over your natural teeth. Veneers can be used to cover up a variety of cosmetic flaws, including gaps, chips, shortened or small teeth, uneven or misshapen teeth, and even teeth that are stained beyond the powers of traditional teeth bleaching. With a few trips to our Anchorage dental office, you can have a set of veneers that will have you smiling for years to come.

If your teeth have only minor flaws that you would like to correct, dental bonding is another option available. Bonding uses tooth-colored composite resin to cover imperfections in your teeth. Bonding can be used to correct most of the same flaws that veneers can; however, bonded teeth are not quite as strong as porcelain veneers, which is why we generally recommend this procedure for smaller corrections, rather than a full smile makeover.

Composite Fillings

For a long time, silver amalgam was the primary substance used for dental fillings, and it is still used today by many dentists. While there have been several studies showing that these metal fillings are quite safe, many patients find the silvery fillings unattractive, which is why we are happy to replace your old amalgam fillings with strong, natural-looking composite resin fillings.

Composite fillings (also known as tooth-colored fillings) are custom mixed to match the color of your natural teeth, making the fillings nearly invisible. Amalgam fillings can sometimes cause "shadow" effect from within the tooth, particularly with larger fillings, which makes your tooth look gray or discolored. With composite fillings, the tooth retains its natural color, helping to keep your smile brighter and healthy-looking.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are in good shape but could just use a pick-me-up, we offer Zoom at-home teeth whitening kits. With Zoom whitening, you can improve the whiteness of your teeth in just a few weeks while whitening on your schedule.

Full-Mouth Rehab

For mouths that are in need of more extensive cosmetic options, we offer a full-mouth rehab. All of the above treatments may be employed, as well as crowns, bridges, or implants, to custom-craft the smile that you've always wanted. During your consultation for a full-mouth rehab, Dr. Wenzell will examine your teeth, discuss the outcome that you are hoping to achieve, and create a customized treatment plan to meet the needs of you and your teeth.

Find Your Better Smile Today with Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are interested in finding out more about what cosmetic dentistry can do for you and your smile, call our Anchorage dental office now to schedule your consultation!

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